Greetings from the Owner

Guests can choose between a reservation for teppanyaki steak restaurant Kyoshikian, or at innovative Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine restaurant, Houshoan.

It is our mission to assist our guests in enjoying top-quality cuisine at reasonable costs. Starting at procurement, our full efforts are made all throughout the process in order to serve wonderful meat and kaiseki cuisine to as many people as possible, without having to ask for premium prices. In addition, we strive to create an atmosphere in which people can relax and feel comfortable in.
Many foreign tourists visiting Ponto-cho from around the world have enjoyed both our restaurant's food and atmosphere.

We look forward to your visit at our restaurants.

- Takanobu Yamamuro

Kyoto-style Teppanyaki Dining Kyoshikian

Our restaurant does not select its beef based on its place of production or brand name, but rather by what is the best quality at the given time. The finely-marbled red meat from the Kuroge Wagyu beef strictly selected by this method is full of rich taste and flavor.
Guests can choose from a wide variety of meat, including sirloin and fillet cuts of Kuroge Wagyu beef, as well as foie gras, beef tongue, and seafood such as abalone and tuna. The sirloin cut in particular is served at a surprisingly reasonable price, considering its quality and volume.
Please enjoy the skilled performance of our teppanyaki chefs as they expertly cook sizzling meat right in front of your eyes.